Dust: video series by Katerina Kana

View Saturday, 2 May 2009, from 8.30pm to 10.30pm

DUST ONE – mini DV 5 minutes (Kana 2005) Black & white

Music by Konstruct.

‘Dust my ass’ is the first of the dust videos. Six people wearing animal masks so we can’t see

their faces, meet up on Lycabetus hill in a secret spot hidden away in the trees, to perform a

strange ritual. A nocturnal thriller adventure that turns into a joke.

DUST TWO – mini DV 12 minutes (Kana 2006) Black & white

Music by Konstruct. Voice V. Delendas.

‘In dust we trust’ a stormy night, a group of orthodox priests, a journey through dark

pathways, self - eroticism, pain and pleasure, a story that reveales in the end the unity of

mystic experience and sensuality.

DUST THREE– mini DV 15 minutes (Kana 2007) Black & white

Music by Konstruct.

‘Dust the past’ is a story about the awakening of memory. Our heroes appear from the old

ruins dressed in greek tokas. They begin to walk like hypnotised by a music only they can hear

in direction of the sacred rock of the Acropolis. The provocative message ‘Dust the past’ is

about the suppression of the discontinuity of our existence.

DUST FOUR– mini DV 13 minutes (Kana 2008) Black & white

Music by Konstruct.

‘Eat my dust’ The ‘Dust Supper’ takes place on a roof- top of a building in the center of

Athens. The urban landscape disappeared in the darkness of the night. We see only the

thirteen characters sitted along side a table, consuming a super that consists of body parts

made of candies and sweets.

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